Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DIY Type Cabinet

I have been tired of this pile of plastic boxes that house my lead type for my KwikPrint hot stamping machine for a long time.  No one box holds an entire font and the plastic is not aesthetically pleasing. I
have priced type cases on Etsy and eBay and didn't want to pay $175 and up for a wooden box.  When  I found this affordable steel utility case I knew I could turn it into the type case I wanted.

Three of the four drawers had metal 3"x3" dividers.  However, I needed a lot more sections than 12 per drawer.

So I cut up some strips of Davey Board and created a box to place in the drawer with 35 sections. 

This allows me to fit a whole type font, spacers and punctuation per drawer. It was no easy task to cut and glue the row dividers but it was worth the effort.

Not only is the case more functional than the plastic boxes but the industrial look of my DIY type case also looks much better with my machine!

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