Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vacation Inspiration

I'm back from vacation in Maine which provided me with much needed rest and inspiration. Back to the stress of DC life and the excitement of preparations for Crafty Bastards!  

 Even the railing of this dock amazed me with these lichens. Did you know that of the estimated 2 million fungi and lichens out there only 238,000 have been identified?  There is a full-time job in that for someone.

In addition to visiting my usual haunts like Liberty Tool I stopped by my favorite paper store in Wiscasset Rock, Paper, Scissors where I purchased many things including this fabulous paper.  Look for these new great designs at my Fall craft fairs. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Screen Printing Bookcloth

This year I've concentrated on product expansion. For years I've screenprinted (specifically Gocco printed) onto notebooks and cards. I thought why not bookcloth?

Step one is burning the screen.  I chose a new image for my first experiment in printing cloth, this hedgehog print. Here is the Gocco screen ready to go.

The bound books are too thick to fit into the Gocco press so I print on the cloth and then bind the books after the printing process. You have to leave just the right amount of space to make this work.

Here are some bound examples.  If you place the image too far to the right or left it will be off center on the final product.  Tricky but the results look great.

The screenprinted journals go nicely with my other printed products rounding out the line.