Thursday, June 25, 2009

DIRT - The Book for the Exhibit

I have been working on this oversized book for the artist Margaret Boozer. She does amazing work with dirt. Her exhibit, Dirt Drawings, is opening Saturday, June 27th at the Katzen Arts Center at American University. The book will have photographs of dirt to accompany the exhibition. This was a very interesting project both because of the scale of the book (25" X 40") and materials used. The covers are made from Dibond - street sign material - so they are super durable and will not warp.

Just to give you the scale of the book this is my eight year old daughter holding the finished product.

I love the way the light picks up on the stamped silver title - lower right hand corner. It reads simply DIRT is 30 pt. Optima.

If you have a chance stop by the Katzen Arts Center June 27-August 16.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Washington Folk Festival

I was a vendor at The Washington Folk Festival last weekend at Glen Echo Park.  It was a lovely two days - not too hot and no rain!  This was my first ever two-day show.  The craft vendors were in the bumper car pavilion.  My neighbor were Marla Rudnick, who makes AMAZING silver wire knitted jewelry, and Janet and Claudia of LotsAKnots two friends who knit, weave, crochet - all things textile!

I had a little help from my daughter Claire for a few minutes.  However, the carousel and various fun activities beckoned!

Here is my booth set-up - Three tables and lots of vintage luggage filled with books.  I liked it but want custom fit tablecloths that go to the ground!

My husband took this funny picture of the "Art Car."  I like the motto - "Drive Art and Live."