Monday, August 16, 2010

We Swap

I read about this new website, We Swap, on the Etsy Blog. When I checked out the blog I realized there were amazingly beautiful things being swapped! There was a beautiful bag - gone before I even read the rules page.

Scrolling down I eyed these unique earrings. They are the creation of Mini Cyn, a Parisian based metal-smith. I liked that Cynthia was up for anything - so I suggested a swap for one of my books made from LEGO® pieces. She countered with something more traditional and the deal was sealed.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Digressions

To me these buttons represent the fun and fascinating twists and turns I take as part of my creative process. I picked them up thrifting with my friend See Katie Sew. They sit on my workbench and tempt me to come up with a fun and creative way too incorporate them into my work. A Langstitch/Kettenstitch binding with a button accent on the spine? A book with a button closure?

Sometimes things that I purchase for inspiration sit for years before I actually put them to use. I usually come up with something eventually! Feel free to share any ideas you have for them....