Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Packaging with Purpose

I have long felt my packaging is functional but uninspiring. This was brought home to me when I recently received a pair of packages that were quite inspiring! The first one was from Scarlet Robin, a fellow etsy seller I met while vending at the Fenton Street Market.

The package is chock full of items: my gorgeous custom made ring in a box adorned with her terrific logo, a thank you card (on Crane paper!) , a discount coupon for my next purchase, a jewelry cleaning kit and a business card. The package showed me that she is thankful for my purchase, wants me to take good care of my ring and is interested in repeat customers.

This bountiful treasure came from the shop of crafter and blogger extrodinaire Meaghan. I purchased two pairs of earrings in her summer close-out sale. As you can see, I received so much more! There is the fabulous hand embroidered cubicle art and an extra pin - totally unexpected. The shipping envelope was also decorated adding to the fun.

This is what I have put together to try and spice up my own packaging. A few items from Paperwink like this custom made stamp and the fun Japanese colored masking tape. I also dug up and old thank you stamp and a fun green stamp pad. Next up eco-friendly packaging (when I get rid of the bulk order I placed when I started my business) and Gocco printed thank you notes. I'm getting there.


Scarlet Robin said...

Nice! Thanks for including me--it's so interesting to hear your take on packaging. Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

Cameron said...

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Tee Chess said...

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