Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New look for the Fall Craft Shows

I have been hard at work creating new table coverings for my Fall shows. I found some awesome Marimekko fabric at the Crate & Barrel Outlet and combined it with some linen curtains from Ikea to create the new color scheme: linen and green.

This is my sister Lee's super Bernina sewing machine. It was a joy to work with but I must (sigh) return it to her this weekend.

A close-up of the muted tones in the Marimekko fabric. There are also some vibrant greens.

The Ikea linen curtain turned into a table covering with a border of the Marimekko fabric.

I'll have two of the linen table coverings and one of the Marimekko. I think I need to add a linen border to this and a linen table runner. This is my first sewing project since third grade! What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I love it! I am a big fan of almost all things green so I am easy to please. Wondering what other people think.

Yvette said...

A really nice idea. I'm thinking a new look to my stalls this year too! Definitely important to invest time in presentation.