Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Techno Book Cloth

I am in total denial, my supplier just let me know that my favorite bookcloth is being discontinued! Techno is a bookcloth made out of ballistic nylon - the stuff your messenger bags are made out of. It is super durable, shiny and just plain fun. I have a little of the grey and blue in stock. Red is no longer available. Here are some things from my shop made out of Techno:

The back of this journal is covered in the silver techno cloth.  I sure will miss the great texture of this cloth.

This is an address book made with paste paper. The spine is covered in the silver tecno. Alas, the paste paper is also no longer available.

The cherry red was my favorite of the techno colors. Here it is being used as the cover for a daily planner.

Goodbye techno, I'll miss you and will enjoy using up every last piece of you I have left!

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