Saturday, April 12, 2014

Getting Back to an Old Friend

After a long hiatus (two years?) I've finally re-opened my other Etsy shop - Not New Shop.  A celebration of all things vintage.  I've trolled thrift stores and yard sales for most of my life so this is my attempt to clear out the clutter of things I no longer collect.

My fascination with souvenirs knows no bounds.  This is just one of the many oddities I've found over the years - a set of floating candles from Vatican City from 1908.

This pair of sweet sterling silver earrings have old fashioned screw backs.  I always think of my grandmother when I see screw backs. She thought only "dubious women" pierced their ears!

My husband used to collect vintage razors and other barber shop items.  Then we had kids and we boxed up all the sharp objects.  Time to let them go after a decade in a box!

Wearing vintage jewelry was so much fun but now I have simpler taste.  This Hattie Carnegie costume piece is a stunner.

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