Wednesday, December 10, 2008

St. Wendel Weihnachtsmarkt

Today Kai and I had a great time at the St. Wendel Weihnachtsmarkt. We entered the market and stepped into the middle ages. Our lunch was this tasty Elsässischer Flammkuchen with Jägertee for me - an alternative to Glühwein with more alcohol!

Our lunchtime entertainment was Peter Siche a talented minstrel singer from Berlin.

This Weihnachtsmarkt has it all - live performances, live animals, great food and drink and the gnome village.


Anonymous said...

This looks terrific! I think I will have to make a Flammkuchen for Claire and me this weekend.

The market reall;y looks fabulous, what a great idea to have it with the medieval theme and then so well executed. Was that "Shaun das Schaf" in the picture?

The picture of Kai eating the Flammkuchen is so cute!! Did you make it to the museum where the art students have the installation of the fairy tales?

Katie said...

The sheep is a St. Wendel mascot. Kai refused to stand anywhere near him!

The museum was nice - but very small. Kai liked the exhibits. There was a tv crew filming s report on the exhibit when we were there.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Did not know that the sheep was the town mascot. Did Kai make it into the news reel?