Monday, December 8, 2008

O Tannenbaum!

Here it is - the Tannenbaum we braved this foggy day to purchase! We decided that the apartment we are staying in needed a little tree. So we headed to the French border (literally steps away from France in the town of Naßweiler) to purchase this little guy. Decorated with ornaments my husband and I made 17 years ago!

Kai did a great job - don't you think? So here is the text to
O, Tannenbaum in case the title has you humming it!


Eric_W. said...

Finally! Our own Tannenbaum in Germany again!

Are you sure we made them 17 years ago? ;-)

Katie said...

Yes! There are lots of hearts - some have K + E on them! Very romantic...

Eric_W. said...

I meant because we only met in 1992. ;-)

Can't wait to see them myself.