Monday, May 19, 2008

Printing with Gocco!

I ordered this awesome Gocco thermal printing system from Japan.  This is the PG-5 model -isn't it nice and bright orange?  I had fun this weekend printing with it.  I took my daughter's Spirograph set and came up with a couple of nice designs to burn onto the screen.  It was very simple and none of the mess associated with traditional screen printing.  Anyway, here are the results!

This is a brown Moleskine journal.  The inks look great and soaked right into the paper.

The card was the easiest to print - came out looking great every time.  The paper was less absorbent than the Moleskine which I think made printing easier.  

The black Moleskines were the most difficult to print.  I did a few with the same colored inks as I used on the cards.  Initially they looked great but the inks were absorbed by the cover material and you could barely tell that I had printed on them.  So I re-inked in white and went over the colored inks which gives a nice effect.  My only issue was with the white ink which seems much goopier to me than the other color of ink.  In any event, I had a fun time and love the results of my first effort.  


Kathy Weller said...

very groovy. fun!

E. Floyd said...

Hi, I just found your website, I love your books! I will be back again!